Counseling for the best version of your life

Have you had great success in building the life you’ve always wanted? Yet you still struggle with anxiety, conflict, or self-doubt.

Imagine being able to experience more calm, meaningful connection, and happiness in your beautiful life.

That’s where you want to be.


Counseling to strengthen relationships, increase confidence, and create calm

Counseling to strengthen relationships, increase confidence, and create calm

You’ve worked hard to build a life you could love. You just didn’t know it would also come with so much worry and leave you feeling spread so thin. You love your life- You just don’t like your experience of it right now.

To everyone else, it seems like you have it all, and you manage it all in style. But inside you feel lonely and filled with insecurities and doubts and like you are running on empty.

You feel stretched so thin trying to do it all and be it all.

You want to make a change but don’t know how. You keep hoping this is just a temporary phase and will change, but nothing seems to be getting better. You tell yourself that it is just a busy time, that as soon as “blank” finishes things will get easier, less frenetic- but that never seems to happen and the whirling busyness just keeps speeding up.

Life doesn’t have to be running at a thousand miles an hour, consumed with doubt and punctuated by loneliness.

Counseling with me will change the experience you have in your life.

We will move you off the treadmill of disconnect and burnout and point you towards the wellbeing and enjoyment you deserve in the beautiful, full life you’ve built.

You know you want to be able to enjoy your relationships and experiences more. You want to let go of worries and find a way for your mind to slow down at times because it’s interfering with your ability to enjoy the moment.

Imagine: you are happy and content, surrounded by your family. You’re able to enjoy the moment without the usual loop of doubt, resentment, and worry.

I’m Jaime Malone, Licensed Professional Counselor:

Jaime Malone, Licensed Professional Counselor

I will be your cheerleader and coach in creating calm, deepening connections and increasing you overall well-being.

Contact me now for your 15-minute insight phone call where we will look to:

  • get clear on the experiences you desire to have

  • identify the current obstacles interfering with having the happiness you deserve

  • complete the consultation with the excitement of knowing your next steps to move towards the wellbeing you need

Call 732-977-0375

With locations in Shrewsbury and Wall / Sea Girt.

Also offering “walk and talk” sessions in various locations in Monmouth County as well as distance sessions via digital platforms.

It’s all about finding the right fit. If we aren’t right, we’ll talk about other options for you and I will give you some alternative resources. I’m excited to connect with you and help you create the joy you deserve in the amazing life you’ve built.


Counseling for all stages of motherhood

Is your experience of being a mom not matching your hopes? If you’re struggling with self-doubt, irritability, or meeting all the demands placed on you, explore how counseling can help.

When your family faces challenges

There are many realities that interfere with close connections to the ones your care most about. Particularly during times of transition and change, families experience stress and strain. If you’ve exhausted all your resources and creativity in trying to create more meaningful relationships and minimize conflict, let’s discuss how counseling can give you new strategies for greater family happiness.


Strategies to decrease stress and anxiety

Has living in a state of stress become your norm? Maybe you’ve acclimated to a state of constant worry that you go about through your day, but the worry is like a constant background hum in your head. If you’re ready to replace stress and worries with calm and confidence, learn how counseling can help.