Counseling for your (soon to be) graduate

Counseling for high school students

You’ve put a lot of hard work into getting to this stage: going to college. You worked hard in the classroom and outside it too, with sports and activities, volunteer work and community involvement. All of that effort and dedication got you into college. But what is going to help you be successful once you’re there? It’s normal for high school seniors to begin to have some worries mixed in with the excitement of this next chapter. Even positive changes include stress and the unknown can create lots of questions and even worry. You or your child are not alone if you’re encountering ambivalence, doubt, or anxiety. New opportunities bring new challenges. If you’re leaving home for the first time, the uncertainties of living with a roommate, managing your schedule and school work, and making new friendships and connections may be anxiety producing. Pre-college counseling can give you tools to be best prepared.

Ongoing counseling available when college begins

Pre-college counseling allows us to develop a schedule for check-ins (which can be provided in person in Shrewsbury, NJ or via a secure telehealth platform) once you or your child has started counseling. Experiencing transition issues is to be expected. But it often leads to young adults doubting their choice or turning to unhealthy coping mechanisms. Having pre-scheduled sessions allows for a security to student and parent alike. Instead of waiting for things to get wrong, we are going to be monitoring and checking in, supporting the transition. We can increase the frequency of these sessions if needed, but the availability and already established relationship is a wonderful transitional relationship.

Counseling for the (soon to be) college graduate

Decisions about career and what comes next can be exciting and overwhelming. Counseling offers time and space to sort through what is motivating your priorities in your decision making. If you’re feeling anxious, we work collaboratively to help you find calm and clarity in moving forward.