counseling for children, adolescents, and families

Being a kid or a teenager today can be hard, seriously. While we hope childhood is filled with care free days of play, we know the reality for many children is different. Children encounter worries, sadness, and experience major life changes that are unsettling. Counseling can equip children with a tool box for life, giving them the social emotional skills to be confident and capable in life. While many of the challenges children face are temporary developmental hiccups, gaining new ways of thinking and relating can resolve current struggles while also preparing them for future needs.


Helping children manage their emotions

Being an Insightful Kid is all about purposeful play to practice techniques to use in life. The counseling room is part laboratory where we experiment with discovering new things. It’s an exploration and discovery of building new strengths and abilities to implement in your life. We use purposeful play to explore emotions, improve communication and relationship skills, and foster self-confidence and build resiliency.


Insightful teenagers

Counseling with teenagers may include components that look like traditional talk therapy, but also have the opportunity to include art, physical movement, and other creative strategies based on the interests and strengths of the adolescent. Sessions are designed to help the individual feel comfortable in exploring their experiences and needs.

Parenting support and family counseling

Counseling for children always involves a parent and family component, so everyone has a part in the learning and discovery to become and Insightful Family. Parents are an essential part of the change process. The counseling process is uniquely tailored to your family’s needs, but you can anticipate a blend of individual child sessions, parent sessions, and parent-child / family sessions based on what will best create change for you.