Marriage in parenthood


You’re a team, right?

Before you were a family, you were a couple. You fell in love. You had fun. You laughed and played and share so many things you enjoyed. You knew once you became parents there wouldn’t be as much time for all of those things. But you had no idea it would be like this.

You love your spouse, but notice you become much more easily irritated than you did before. Maybe you have differences of opinions about how to care for your child. Maybe you feel like too much of the responsibility falls on your shoulders. But whatever the challenge, you can’t figure out how to communicate about it.

You want to share this stage of life with your partner. You anticipated parenthood might present some challenges, but you didn’t know you’d feel so alone in this journey even though you’re sharing it with someone else.

Whether you participate in counseling together, or on your own, counseling can give you new skills to bring back to your relationship to create meaningful change in how you communicate and relate for understanding and connection.

Counseling can strengthen the connection to your partner.