Do you ever feel like you must have missed the day in school when they distributed the handbook on adulthood? How does everyone else know how to manage their lives while you feel like life throws you daily challenges you don’t know how to navigate? You are not alone and you didn’t miss the handbook, but counseling can allow you to write your own guidebook for calm, confidence, and clarity in life.

Do you lack confidence or become paralyzed when it comes to making decisions, even small ones at times? Do you notice you seem to worry a lot and frequently feel like things are going to go wrong? Do you have ideas of what you want your life to look like and feel like, but how to get there from where you are remains elusive?

Counseling is about improving our health and quality of life.

In counseling, I introduce many skills and tools from positive psychology (mindset; grit and resilience; gratitude practices; mindfulness; and many more). Maybe this is the stuff that should have been taught in school in health class. And once you learn these habits and apply them in your life, you are likely to notice that your experience of the same situations starts to become very different than it once was.