Mental health apps


Your teenager seems to always be on the phone. And the reality is, a world of information is at our finger tips. Adding resources that may help with mental health needs they encounter provides a casual opportunity to keep the doors of communication open about mental health. Here are a few to explore with your teenager or college student. Download them together and talk about what you think about the information you find.


  • MindShift:

This stress management tool uses a variety of on-screen prompts to helps users identify what is causing them stress.  The app encourages new ways to take charge of anxiety and tune into their body.  (iOS, Android)

  • Personal Zen

Personal Zen is an evidence – based smartphone app that claims to reduce stress and anxiety in individuals who play it regularly.  (iOS)

  • SAM: Self-Help for Anxiety Management

SAM will help you understand what causes you to feel anxious, monitor your anxious thoughts and behavior over time and manage your anxiety through self-help exercises and private reflection.  The “social cloud” feature enables you to share your experiences with the SAM community while remaining anonymous. (iOS, Android)

  • Worry Knot

Worry Knot teaches you to manage your worry with lessons, distractions and a proven worry management technique. Uses a guided tool to address specific problems that you can’t stop thinking about, or read about how to cope with “tangled thinking” overall.  (iOS, Android)


  • Momentum

Momentum is what you need to get motivated, stay on track and accomplish your goals.  It is a visual reminder / tracker that shows all habits due each day.  The progress bar on top tells you how far you’ve come.  Complete or skip habits with swipe gestures. Double-tap to add notes.  (iOS)


  • Quist

Quist displays the LGBTQ and HIV/AIDS events of note that happened on that day, bringing gay history, lesbian history, bisexual history, transgender history, and HIV history to the world to a new way.   Some Quist events are related to the LGBT community’s contributions to society, some illustrate how gender fluidity and same-sex relationships were treated throughout time, and some honor the sacrifices of the LGBTQ people who have advanced the cause.  (iOS, Android)


  • Insight Timer:

This app contains an extensive selection of guided meditations, music tracks, talks and courses with renowned meditation teachers. There are also playlists for sleep, relaxation, anxiety reduction, and mindfulness. (iOS, Android)

  • Breathe2Relax:

This app teaches users how to do diaphragmatic breathing. Includes educational videos on the stress response, logs to record stress levels and customizable guided breathing sessions. (iOS, Android)

  • Stop, Breathe, & Think

You can develop kindness and compassion by focusing on these attitudes through the practice of mindfulness and meditation. Using this app can help you develop skills that support academic and professional achievement.  (iOS, Android)


  • Attitudes of Gratitude Journal

This simple app will help you to develop and maintain a daily attitude of gratitude. At the end of each day you can list the things you are grateful for. You will soon see that your list is much longer than you expected. (Android)

  • Happify:

The games, activity suggestions and gratitude prompts makes Happify a useful shortcut to a good mood. Happify was designed with input from 18 health and happiness experts.  (iOS, Android)


  • PTSD Coach:

Designed for Veterans, families, and friends, The PTSD Coach app can help you learn about and manage symptoms that often occur after trauma. This app includes reliable information on PTSD and proven treatments, tools for screening and tracking your symptoms, tools to help you handle stress symptoms, and direct links to support and help. NOTEPTSD is a serious mental health condition that often requires professional evaluation and treatment. PTSD Coach is not intended to replace needed professional care. (iOS, Android)


  • Quit it Lite:

Are you having a tough time quitting smoking? You probably know all about the health consequences, but this app’s approach is different.  It shows you how much you save each time you don’t smoke! (iOS)


  • Sober Tool:

Alcoholism and Addiction Recovery app that counts your clean and sober days and the money you save by not drinking. Daily messages of hope and inspiration help you cope with cravings and difficult days. Meeting finder information and online recovery forum. (iOS, Android)

Your child’s high school or college should also have counseling services available. Click here to find information about college counseling centers in New Jersey. Or here for counseling available to your high schooler or college student / young adult.